One of the great things about being a ramblin' man and touring as much as I do is how I get to discover gems like the Copper Queen Hotel & Bar in Bisbee, Arizona. 

Every Monday there is an incredible open mic where musicians come together in a rustic barroom to share song songs. Whether you are a local, or just passing through, the spirit of the room welcomes you! 

On this particular chilly night back in January, I was lucky to have Shantih Nicechops & Co. become impromptu members of The Burning Desire. These guys definitely have a good ear -- as their improvisation over my cover of Hank William's "Ramblin' Man" is impeccable, giving it that wild west haunted feeling.... or was it the hotel itself? 

Regardless, this tune speaks to my soul. I have been on the road, more or less, for nearly 7 years... It is a beautiful life style -- and also a lonely one full of unexpected sacrifice -- but like Hank Williams states, whenever I hear the trains howl, I get that feeling that it is time to hit the road. 

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