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Unlock exclusive posts and messages
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Support me on a monthly basis
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Hey 👋 I'm Jarius (pronounced Ja-reece), and I definitely wanna have you in my tribe! I would even love to have coffee with you! 

I'm a talker, writer, joy seeker, and coffee lover. I am also an intuitive guide and holistic FRIENDtor. I use my innate wisdom and gifts to help individuals get clarity on everyday life sh**! By the way, I cuss and I there's that.  I use intuitive insight, uncensored conversation, active listening skills, and a nonjudgmental Socratic method to talk others through relationship, professional, friendship, and womanhood concerns. I'm the bridge between your therapist and your business coach. 

Clarity is the key to awakening your joy and conversations over coffee are the best ways to do it! 


1-3 cups of coffee ($5-$15) = join the tribe and get EXCLUSIVE content from me or simply support for the movement

4 cups of coffee ($20)=NITRO NOW Clarity Email  (1 question)

15 cups of coffee ($75) = 45-minute clarity call (Regularly $77—Save $2) 

You can also join the monthly membership: 

NITRO EMPOWERMENT: The Container is $27 a month and includes daily Empowerment via Members Only content + 1 NITRO Email Session each month with a maximum of 5 questions. 

Additional Instructions

1. Email [email protected] for the NITRO NOW Clarity email option. Please be sure to ask only ONE (1) question per email. Background info should be offered in the email. 

2. Please be sure to send me a Direct Message here or on Facebook with your phone number attached if you choose the NITRO CLARITY 45-minute call option. 

3. NITRO Empowerment: The Container members are responsible for sending their monthly questions via email without reminder. 

Thanks Yall! Love ya!