So setting this up in the hopes that some good fortune falls our way. I know it's been a tough two years for most of the world and we're all at the end of our ropes, hanging on to tattered knots and rough threads.

When I'm not taking care of my daughter, I try to unwind by creating in video games that allow for buildling, like Conan Exiles. Just an escape from the daily grind. Taking care of my daughter, though, is my full time job and it's just the two of us. She's disabled and requires a bit more hands-on than a typical kid. I'd like to say she inspires me every day, but it's more like, "Mom, why are you doing it that way??"

In the mean time, just hoping that my work makes some people smile.

It usually does make me smile, after hours of gritting teeth and a whole lot of swearing. Usually.