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If I hit the $150 goal I'll build out the custom membership space asap

$0 of $150 goal reached

If I hit the $150 goal I'll build out the custom membership space asap

Hey, what’s up Founders?

This is JM 👋🏽

I’ve always wanted to help idea-stage founders take great ideas that they have and make them tangible. I felt like there weren’t very many options online for someone with an idea to put together a prototype.

While working as an Independent Product Designer I see a lot of clients that have great ideas and a budget to build out a custom platform for their product or service.

These projects result in a shipped product that meet every request of the Founder but oftentimes Founders in this stage haven’t taken the time to create a strong value proposition, develop empathy with the customer, or have tested prototypes.

When building and launching a product there are mistakes that are bound to happen, we are working with technology and technology is far from perfect. Building software applications takes a significant amount of time and effort, it also costs tons of money to hire teams of developers or an agency.  

Taking the time to:

• Create a value proposition

• Develop empathy for end-consumers

• Measure solutions to problems

I’m working to put together a training course and coaching program that covers a process that is:

• Simple (minimal learning curve)

• Non-Linear (doesn’t have to be by the book)

• Iterative (it’s never perfect)

Right now, these are the tools I’m using to run the program:

• Slack


Facebook Groups

I’m looking to add these tools to build a space that delivers a more focused UX:


• Memberspace

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