Happy Monday, Writers!

As we enter week #2 of NaNo, let's check in on ourselves. Are you feeling overwhelmed? Confident? Wondering why you decided to write a novel at all?

You're not alone.

Writing can be daunting. Reach out to your friends and your fellow storytellers, and talk about your work. Even if it's going nowhere. Talking about our work helps us understand it more, we begin to hear the plotholes and ideas will flow out of our mouths that we weren't even sure we were working on.

Be brave fellow writers, you've got this.

For all of November, we will be running nightly Pomodoro timers (That's a 25-minute working period, followed by a break of either 5 or 10 minutes). It will be run on the NaNoWriMo channel on The Writers' Society Discord Server.


We're going to say these affirmations daily.

  • I am a good writer.

  • I have a story no one else can tell.

  • I love myself.

  • I love my story.

  • I love my writing.

Got it? Good. Go write.