Feedback is due soon! Here are some workshop FAQs!

Why does the feedback have to stay on the Google Doc?

This is so we can have a discussion about the work AND so the author has a document with all the feedback to reference. This is also so that I can track who does and does not participate in workshop. You have to give and get here.

Why do I have to provide feedback before I receive it?

This is to make sure people don't simply drop in to get feedback and bounce. It's just polite.

I didn't put anything in the workshop folder, should I be giving feedback?

Yes! Writers are always looking for more feedback. Even if someone has already gone through the WIP and made comments that you would have made, it's helpful to show that someone else agrees with that. You might also disagree with another workshopper and your opinion and feedback is something the writer should hear.

How much feedback should I be leaving?

Strive to leave at least a comment per page. Even if that feedback is that you found yourself skimming or you were so involved that you have nothing to suggest.