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My name is Joanna and I'm a freelancer from Southern California. I created a Buy Me a Coffee page because there are so many things that make me happy, so many hobbies and passions that bring me joy, so this is a place where I can combine all of it into one.

This is a space to practice reflective-behavioral gratitude, that is, focusing not just on what we are thankful for but also why we are thankful for it. My posts will include these little written excerpts and will be accompanied by my photography. (More personal posts involving my location, friends, and self-portraits may be saved for the Membership option.)

My intention here is to have a comforting place for myself and others to return to no matter what we are going through, no matter where in life we might be. In creating an account here and publicizing my gratitude, I am making a commitment to continue focusing on what makes me smile, to find the little things that I am thankful for in my everyday life, and to continue surrounding myself with love. My posts will only ever involve things that make me smile. And I hope they make you smile too!

Let's practice gratitude together! ♥ What are you thankful for and why?

If you love the happiness I wish to share with others here, feel free to buy me a coffee! I appreciate you stopping by.