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The new version of Sims mods updater is out! Nearly month after the last version, this one comes with a fix for TSR download issue (caused by a modification on TSR) and other improvements.


  • ⬇️ More than 15 500 downloads

  • 👤 More than 19 active users at anytime of the day

  • 👤 Around 500 daily users

  • 🔍 More than 12 million search requests in a month

  • 🔥 More than 150 000 mods installed using the application

  • ✨ More than 85 000 mods updated using the application

Let's talk about the 1.11.X version

This version had 1 goal: improve the precision of the application. Sometimes, mods were not well recognized. This version has a better algorithm to detect mods, with less false positives. Also, this impact updates as the app will no longer ask you to update mods that you didn't installed. Some mods are still note well recognized (less than 200 mods). This will be fixed in a next update.

You can now reset the application cache, which can be handy when you encounter an issue : you don't have to reinstall the app to purge this cache.

Also, and it's a good news, Sim realist mods are now indexed and tracked. This means that you will be able to install and update those mods now.

This version comes with some fixes. The biggest is the one that fixes the mod download feature for TSR's mods. This is a little bit slower than before, but at least, it is working. I'll try to speedup it on a next release.

Furthermore, some UI issues has been fixed, like :

  • No progression displayed during update

  • False error displayed when removing a mod

  • Slow performance on some devices

Changelog 1.11.x

Feature :

  • Text files and irrelevant files are now ignored when guessing installed mods

  • Empty files are now ignored when guessing installed mods

  • You can now reset mod cache in Settings > Other > Reset mod cache

  • File signature cache is now updated after an update

  • Improve user experience on small screen when installing a mod

  • Index SimRealist

Fixes :

  • Fix display error when removing a mod

  • Fix update not showing progression

  • Fix issues with timezone which could lead to a false positive update found

  • Fix issue on checking update with lots of mod

Other :

  • Improve how errors are forwarded to me

  • Mod detection is now more accurate

What's next ?

Next, we should have more and more mods providers !

Do not forget to see the full description of the tool here: https://modthesims.info/d/663925/sims-mods-updater.html
Also, you can directly go my website : https://sims-mods-updater.com/
Feel free to join the discord : https://discord.gg/ZDjc2C4Vfv

Thank you for your support and feel free to join the discord !
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