Hey 👋

The new release 1.9.0 is out now🥳 This version is a completion of the 1.8.0, with some corner cases handled. Before talking about this new release, let's see some highlights 👍


2 months after the first release, and the app is still growing fast.

  • ⬇️ More than 8 700 downloads

  • 👤 More than 18 active users at anytime of the day

  • 👤 Around 350 daily users

  • 🔍 More than 3 million search requests in 2 weeks (x3 in 2 weeks)

  • 🔥 More than 74 000 mods installed using the application (x2 in 2 weeks)

  • ✨ Almost 25 000 mods updated using the application

Let's talk about the 1.9.X version

The goal of this version is to improve the previous version. Nothing really funky in this version, but a lot a small things have been made to make everyone's life easier.

First of all, you can consult logs in the application. You can go to "Settings > Logs" and see logs. This can help you understand what happened. Also, this will be easier for you to ask help ;)

One time support can now remove ads for 1 month per coffee. Just don't forget to fill your email address in your settings ! ☕ 

You can now configure the Tray folder, where every tray files should go. In the previous release, the Tray folder was guessed according to your Mods folder. However, in some cases, this was wrong. Don't forget to check your settings after the update.

Lots and lots and lots fixes have been made. Specially, the app now fully works with Mac 💻

Changelog 1.9.x

Features :

  • You can now consult last logs in "Settings > Logs"

  • You can now open the log file in "Settings > Logs"

  • One-time support using Buy Me Coffee can now remove ads for 1 month

  • You can now configure the Tray folder path. If you upgraded the app, please check your configuration to make sure everything is OK

Fixes :

  • App now fully work on mac. Please start the app using a terminal, and not with Finder.

  • Mods scan does not stop at the first error: the file is now ignored and all other mods files are now loaded

  • Mods are now scanned at the first run of the application (after configuration set)

  • Fix issue while installing multiple download links on a single mod

  • The app no longer crash while having a permission error

  • Install button on the search screen is now accessible in all conditions

  • Fix app leaving in background after closing it

Other :

  • Clean logs

  • Better cache handling

  • Network errors are now retried twice

  • Dependencies check and installation is now done after the application startup, which speeds up the application startup

What's next ?

Now that the core is fully working, I can spend more time on new features, like mod conflicts, ignore mod update, new providers etc.

Do not forget to see the full description of the tool here: https://modthesims.info/d/663925/sims-mods-updater.html
Also, you can directly go my website : https://sims-mods-updater.com/
Feel free to join the discord : https://discord.gg/ZDjc2C4Vfv

Thank you for your support and feel free to join the discord !
Have a nice day,
Joch ☕