Buy Joe Goes Green a coffee



Hi music fans! Here you can purchase a CD, or simply buy us a coffee for a job well done! But only if you think we've done a good job of course! We'll also go away if we reach £1,000,000, so that's also a target to aim for!

In all seriousness, we're ecstatic to get our music shared far and wide through the power that is the online streaming services (find us on Spotify, Amazon Music, Youtube Music, Napster, Deezer and others). However, given our small local following, revenue from plays on these services is unlikely to ever cover the costs of producing our album, so if you enjoy what we do and listen to the album on these services, please do consider supporting us by buying us a coffee... who knows, it might be your coffee we're drinking that inspires our next great lyric or riff!

Thanks as always for all your support! If you've ever seen us live, clapped or whooped for us, or simply given us some encouragement along the way, you're our hero!

John and Stefan