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My name is Joe Saunders and I am passionate about inspiring people to live better, achieve more and take ownership of their lives. I'm most well known as the creator and host of the Managing Violence Podcast where I interview the world's leading minds in martial arts, combatives, violence prevention and all related fields to help me stay safe from the threat of interpersonal violence. 

I also have another podcast, the War on Mediocrity where I interview exceptional people and find out what it is that made them reject the idea of mediocrity and push for something better. I also use this channel to share my own motivational content.

Lastly, I'm the author of a book - Neon Jungle: A Bouncer's True Tales of Lessons, Laughs and Lacerations and I write a blog on Medium.

My hope is that you will support my content, and I'm always available for a virtual coffee if I have some knowledge that may help you out.