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Welcome to The Fire These Times, a podcast dedicated to the task of tackling the 21st century from the periphery, a term that is gaining traction amongst many people in the diasporas of the world as a way of challenging hegemonic politics, especially pertaining to the idea of nation states.

I’m your host Joey Ayoub, and my goal is to use this platform to connect with activists, scholars, writers and other weird folks whose politics break and challenge binaries around the world to link our stories and interests up.

The title of this podcast and its visual identity reference my love for books: The Fire Next Time is a book by James Baldwin in which he warned that civilization is not destroyed by the wicked but by the spineless, and the fox is a nod to the fox in Le Petit Prince who winds up being the young character’s companion as he finds his way. He’s the one who says that “one sees clearly only with the heart. What is essential is invisible to the eye”. I hope this podcast offers you a sense of companionship as we find our way together and make sense of this hyper-connected, information-saturated world.

Join me as we get into all sorts of futurisms from solarpunk to degrowth, as we explore meaningful ways of creating links between the peoples on the periphery, and as we explore various topics from tech, anti-authoritarian politics, feminism, abolitionism, decolonialism, anti-racism and all the other fun -isms in between.

My goal is to make this project financially sustainable so that I can work on producing valuable content on a regular basis such as this podcast, the newsletter, my essays, various online resources and hopefully eventually video essays as well.

If you like the content of this podcast you can also check out The Fire These Times newsletter. In that newsletter, which I release on a quasi-monthly basis, I reflect on some of the topics discussed on this podcast and try to take them a bit further. The newsletter is free and you can get it by simply subscribing directly at the bottom of the page.

The podcast is entirely independent. I am its researcher, host, producer and editor. In addition to the labor required to produce the podcast and online resources, donations go towards research material, technical stuff, paying translators and artists, and other you-need-to-pay-to-get-things-done stuff. Patreon also takes a cut.

Art by Wenyi Geng. Music by Ibrahim Youssef.

This project is named after the James Baldwin book “The Fire Next Time”.

It is available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Anchor, Breaker, Amazon Music, Audible, Stitcher, Radio Public, Pocket Casts, Castro and RSS.

It is also on YouTube.

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