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Hi, I’m an Extrovert.

Junction Connect Corp began as an idea to make my business LIVE! As I look around, I realized that I was finding hair, everywhere. I am a personal barber that finds ways to expand my horizons as well as my clients’.

I share my work in the form of hair, financial freedom and of course, all alongside a cup of coffee.

You know why you’re here!

Your help allows me to keep working as a freelance artist, writer, and podcaster. It's a strange business doing things on your own. My goal is to continue growing my business in new directions.

This is where the information on this page comes in. It's the best way for me to know that you enjoy my content and have your support. Also, every week, I toss some essential tools onto this website. All, while sipping on your support.

I think of this place as a playground of ideas, my lab.

You'll also get to play the part of a focus group. Especially if you register as a member. Get unique perks like giveaways and exclusive workshops. I'm always coming up with fresh ideas. I was genuinely in the middle of one while writing this. It's going to be an amazing month next month.


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