Do All Religions Teach The Same Thing?

Oct 09, 2021

Christianity is different from 

other religions because the 

Holy Bible teaches us that 

man cannot save himself by 

anything that he does. Why? 

We'll get to that further down 

in this post.

3:5 Not by works of 

righteousness which we 

have done, but according 

to his mercy he saved us, 

by the washing of 

regeneration, and 

renewing of the Holy 


3:6 Which he shed on us 

abundantly through Jesus 

Christ our Saviour; 

3:7 That being justified 

by his grace [God's 

unmerited favor towards 

us], we should be made 

heirs according to the 

hope of eternal life. 

Other world religions 

believe that you have to 

go to church every week 

or every time the church 

opens, or pray in a certain 

way, or in a certain place, 

or a certain number of 

times a day, or wear 

certain religious clothing, 

or do righteous deeds 

(good works), or attend 

religious ceremonies, or 

pay a certain amount of 

money to be saved to get 

into heaven, etc. All of 

these ways are just man's 

way of working their way 

to heaven to earn their 


The big question for all of 

these other religions is 

how many prayers, 

how many good works, 

how much money, or 

how many religious rites 

or practices must you 

do before you KNOW 

that you will get to 

heaven? No one can 

answer that, so the 

people in those religions 

have no hope that they 

will get to heaven until 

after they die; and 

then God says it is 

too late to be saved! 

Hebrews 9:27

And as it is appointed 

unto men once to die, 

but after this the 


Proverbs 11:7  
When a wicked [God 

says we are all sinners] 

man dieth, his expectation 

shall perish: and the hope 

of unjust men perisheth.

Some religious leaders 

believe in physically 

forcing people to take 

their religion. Other 

religious leaders give 

advice, or say "wise" 

things. But none of 

these religious men

 could offer atonement 

(payment) for your sins

and mine. 

All of the religious 

leaders of these other 

religions are dead and 

in their graves! 

Only Jesus Christ, the 

Sinless Son of God, 

could be the substitute 

to pay our sin debt. And 

the awesome part is 

that Jesus Christ rose 

from the dead and is 

alive today, sitting at the 

right hand of God Almighty 

in heaven! Jesus is alive 

and was witnessed by 

over 500 people at one

time after His 

resurrection from the 


1 Corinthians 15:6  

After that, he was seen of 

above five hundred 

brethren [believers] at 

once; of whom the 

greater part remain 

[are alive] unto this 

present, but some 

are fallen asleep [died].

Now to that question I asked 

in the beginning of this post. 

Why can't we be saved by 

our good deeds or religious 

ceremonies or whatever? 

The answer is because our 

relationship with God the 

Father in heaven is broken 

because we are sinners. 

God is a holy God and 

cannot be in the presence 

of sin. 

Habakkuk 1:13(a)  
Thou [God] art of purer eyes 

than to behold evil, and 

canst not look on iniquity: 

So that means that no one 

could ever get to heaven 

because God says we 

have all sinned! Yikes!

But please keep reading

because there is good

news coming!

Romans 5:12  
Wherefore, as by one 

man [Adam] sin entered 

into the world, and death 

by sin; and so death 

passed upon all men, 

for that all have sinned:

But, God loved us so much 

that he made THE ONLY 

way for us to be saved from 

our sins so we could spend 

eternity with Him in his holy

heaven! So God the 

Father in heaven sacrificed 

his only begotten Sinless 

Son, Jesus Christ, to die 

on the cross in our place 

to pay for our sins. 

And when God resurrected 

Jesus from the dead, God

showed us that he had 

accepted Christ's blood 

sacrifice on the cross as 

full payment for the sins 

of everyone in the whole 


1 John 4:10 

Herein is love, not that we 

loved God, but that he 

loved us, and sent his 

Son [Jesus Christ] to be 

the propitiation* for our 


*propitiation = payment 

in full. 

John 3:16 Jesus Christ said  

For God so loved the world, 

that he gave his only 

begotten Son, that 

whosoever believeth in 

him should not perish, 

but have everlasting life. 

God says that "all our 

righteousnesses" (good 

deeds, prayers, tithes or 

donations, religious 

ceremonies, religious 

activities, etc.) are as 

filthy rags to Him; 

reminding us that those 

activities cannot save us 

from our sins and get us 

into heaven.

Isaiah 64:6

But we are all as an unclean 

thing, and all our 

righteousnesses are as 

filthy rags; and we all do 

fade as a leaf; and our 

iniquities [sins], like the wind, 

have taken us away. 

Salvation is a free gift from 

God. A gift is not something 

you pay for, or that you have 

to work for. A gift is free. 

But a gift is not ours unless 

we accept it. This is what 

makes Christianity different 

from every other religion 

in the world! We cannot 

do anything to save ourselves! 

God said so! Think about it! 

If we could earn our way to 

heaven, then God the 

Father in heaven sacrificed 

his only begotten Sinless 

Son, Jesus Christ, to die 

for no reason! That would 

be a cruel heavenly 

Father and God!

Now the very good news 

of how to get saved from 

your sins God's Way and 

go to heaven when you die...

God's Holy-Spirit-inspired, 

Preserved Word, the King 

James Bible, tells us that 

God says there is only 

one way into His Holy 


John 14:6
Jesus saith unto him, I am 

the way, the truth, and the 

life: no man cometh unto 

the Father, but by me. 

First some important facts 

we must all understand! 

Heaven is where God's 

throne is; and in order for 

us to go to heaven when 

we die, we must get there 

God's way, not our way!

Isaiah 66:1(a) 
Thus saith the LORD, The 

heaven is my throne, and 

the earth is my footstool: 

God is holy and cannot be 

around sin or sinners. Yikes.

That includes me. 

Please keep reading 

because the good news 

is coming.

Habbakuk 1:13(a)  
Thou [God] art of purer 

eyes than to behold evil, 

and canst not look on 

iniquity [sin]: 

God says we are all sinners 

because we inherited a sin 

nature from Adam, the 

first man. Sin is 

disobedience to God's 

laws (His Holy Word 

Preserved in the King 

James Bible).

Keep reading because 

there is good news coming.

Romans 5:12  
Wherefore, as by one man 

[Adam] sin entered into 

the world, and death by 

sin; and so death passed 

upon all men, for that all 

have sinned:

So, if God cannot be around 

sin and He says we are all 

sinners, how do we get to 

heaven when we die? The 

Bible tells us how. 

First we must understand that 

we cannot work our way in to 


Titus 3:5 
Not by works of 

righteousness which we 

have done, but according 

to his mercy he saved us, 

by the washing of 

regeneration, and renewing 

of the Holy Ghost; 

Isaiah 64:6  
But we are all as an unclean 

thing, and all our 

righteousnesses are as 

filthy rags; and we all do 

fade as a leaf; and our 

iniquities [sins], like the 

wind, have taken us away.

So here is how to get to 

saved from your sins and 

go to heaven when you die:

Romans 10:13  
For whosoever shall call 

upon the name of the Lord 

shall be saved.

Paul and Silas' jailer was

influenced by the testimony

of their actions, and asked 

them how to be saved. 

Look at their answer to him.


16:30 And brought them out, 

and said, Sirs, what must I 

do to be saved? 

16:31 And they said, Believe 

on the Lord Jesus Christ, 

and thou shalt be saved, 

and thy house. 

But it's more than just 

believing about Jesus with 

our minds. Satan and his 

devils (fallen angels) 

believe the facts about 

Jesus Christ's life, death, 

and resurrection; but they 

are not willing to trust in Him 

ALONE for the salvation 

from their sins. In order to 

be saved you need to be 

willing to trust in only Jesus 

Christ alone (without your 

good works or religious 

ceremonies or church 

traditions) for your 


Jesus said we need to be 

willing to repent of our sins. 

There are 22 verses about 

the need to repent before 

being saved in the New 

Testament. To repent 

means that you have had 

a change of heart and 

are now willing to turn 

away from your sins (stop 

doing them), and that 

now you want to live in 

obedience to God's 

commands in His holy 


Luke 13:3 Jesus said:

I tell you, Nay: but, 

except ye repent, ye 

shall all likewise 


We need to tell God 

in heaven that we 

believe that Jesus 

Christ, His Sinless Son, 

died for our sins, was 

buried, and three days 

later He rose from the 


Romans 10:9

That if thou shalt 

confess [to God in 

heaven] with thy mouth 

the Lord Jesus, and 

shalt believe in thine 

heart that God hath 

raised him from the 

dead, thou shalt be 


And then tell Jesus you 

trust that he died for you 

and paid for all of your 

sins once and for all of 

them, and that now you 

want to commit your life 

to him as your personal 

Saviour and the Lord 

of your life.  

Acts 2:21  
And it shall come to pass, 

that whosoever shall 

call on the name of 

the Lord shall be 


Romans 10:10

For with the heart man 

believeth unto 

righteousness; and 

with the mouth 

confession [to God in 

heaven] is made 

unto salvation.

Be aware that it is not 

our prayer (something 

we do) that saves us! 

It is God's grace (His 

unearned favor 

towards us) that saves 

us and salvation is a 

gift from God. You do not 

work to earn a gift. It is 


We must choose to 

accept God's gracious 

gift and not insult Him 

by trying to earn (by 

good works or 

religious ceremonies 

or church traditions) 

what God has freely 


Ephesians 2:8  
For by grace are ye 

saved through faith; 

and that not of yourselves: 

it is the gift of God:

And if you have accepted 

Jesus Christ as your 

Saviour and Lord of 

your life, now it is 

important that you, as a 

new Christian, get to 

know how to live your 

life to please God in 

heaven and to help 

spread the gospel of 

salvation through 

Jesus Christ alone.

Here is a link to my 

post 'What Do I Do 

Now That I Am Saved?' 

that will give you 

encouragement and 

guidelines for how to 

become a mature 

Christian.  Link here.

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