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Dec 22, 2021


Brighteon Update for Content Creators:

It's been a while since I've sent an update on Brighteon. Today we have huge updates for you on several fronts: Content, networks, technical updates, new channels and more.

On the content side, we are now doing three important things to help promote your Brighteon videos:

1) Each day, our writing team chooses 2-3 popular videos and writes editorial stories about those videos. These videos are chosen from the home page of Brighteon.com, where the most popular videos (by view count over the last 3 days) appear in each category. These stories are published and distributed across the large content network of websites, including NaturalNews.com, Pandemic.news, Inflation.news and hundreds of other sites.

2) Also each day, around 20 videos from Brighteon.com are selected and inserted into news stories that are being published across the content network. Nearly every story that gets published now contains an embedded Brighteon.com video. These videos are chosen using the search function on Brighteon to find a video related to the story being written. For example, in a story about inflation, the team looks for a Brighteon video on inflation and inserts that into the story.

Importantly, the Brighteon search function depends heavily on your video titles and keyword tags in order to find a match. So be sure to use accurate, descriptive titles and keyword tags for all your videos, and that will allow the team to more easily find your videos and embed them into stories that are being published.

3) Each day, we send out the Brighteon newsletter to several hundred thousand end user subscribers. In each day's newsletter, we select and promote four videos from the Brighteon.com platform. Those 4 videos are selected based on what editors find intriguing and relevant to each day's current events, and they can come from any channel on Brighteon. We will likely increase this to 6-7 videos shortly.

Many new channels have joined Brighteon

Over the last few months, thousands of new channels have joined Brighteon. Just recently, some of the big names joining Brighteon include Clay Clark (ReAwaken America tour), Mike Lindell (MyPillow), Brannon Howse (WorldView report), Dr. Peter Breggin, David Morgan (The Morgan Report), Jim White (Critical Disclosure) and many more. Here are some of the channel links:

Dr. Peter R. Breggin

David Morgan, from The Morgan Report

Thrivetime Show / Clay Clark with the Reawaken America Tour

Jim White / Critical Disclosure

World View Report with Brannon Howse

America Unhinged with Dr. John Diamond:

Mike Lindell's channel has been created, content is coming shortly

In addition, we launched Brighteon.TV several months ago, and it has exploded in popularity, now featuring nearly 30 hosts who broadcast daily shows, Mon - Fri. These hosts include Ann Vandersteele, Patrick Byrne, John Diamond, Pastor Leon Benjamin, Dr. Bryan Ardis, Alan Keyes, Melissa Red Pill, Stew Peters and many more.

The live broadcast happens daily at Brighteon.TV, and the archive of each day's videos is found at:


Brighteon Radio launching in January and some spots are still open

We are launching BrighteonRadio.com in January. It is an audio-only streaming network and will feature dozens of additional hosts with their own audio shows, broadcasting in real time.

We still have some slots available if you are interested in contributing a daily or weekly show to Brighteon Radio. Email us at [email protected] if you are interested.

We also have sponsorship spots available on both Brighteon.TV and Brighteon Radio if you are interested in broadcasting a commercial message on these networks. Email [email protected] for that.

Technical update and major shift coming within 90 days

Throughout 2021, we've been working with R&D teams to build out an entirely new hosting environment that allows for scalability and very high resistance against censorship.

This has involved significant investments in hardware, software engineers and many open source tools that will allow us to expand in 2022 and beyond.

We are nearly ready to begin migrating our entire system to this new environment. That migration will take place over the next 90 days, and once complete, we expect to see faster video uploads, faster transcoding and more reliable throughput of many functions such as thumbnail generation for videos.

It is likely, however, that we will experience some glitches during this transition. This is an extremely complex maneuver, and it's almost certain that it won't be perfect. If you experience any glitches over the next 90 days, please have patience as we are working diligently on this important transition.

We are dedicated to free speech and we are not going the IPO / SPAC route

Brighteon is rapidly growing in popularity, as are many other video platforms. I want you to know that we are dedicated to free speech above all else:

1) We are not going public, and will never launch any IPO or SPAC. This means we will never have outside investors, nor pressure from mainstream advertisers to censor unpopular voices.

2) We have no VC funding and no investors. We have zero outside corporate influence or Wall Street influence. We answer to you, our users, and not to investors or advertisers.

3) We have no debt, and we are running on a more or less break even basis right now (thanks in part to the donations), which means our platform is sustainable for the long term. As bandwidth has become more affordable over the last three years, this has made it far more affordable for us to cover the petabytes of bandwidth now being consumed each month.

This is all great news for the future of Brighteon. We have struggled for several years to get to this point, and in 2022, Brighteon will finally be positioned in an amazing new hosting environment that allows us to scale to almost any size needed as the number of users and content creators continues to grow.

Thank you for your support of Brighteon, and know that we are working diligently to help promote your videos, invite exciting new users to the platform and greatly expand the capacity and scalability of the entire system.

If you would like to donate to Brighteon.com and help keep us running, we have a new donation page posted at:


We receive many donations each month and I with to personally thank those who are donating to help keep this platform alive and growing.

There will be even more exciting news in 2022 as we roll out new features, too.

Thank you,

- Mike Adams, Founder, Brighteon.com

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