How Satan Has Corrupted God's Holy Word

Oct 09, 2021

I published this post days ago under a different title. I am hoping the new title will draw more attention to this very important 'History 101' comic book about the history of where the different versions of the Bible came from. At the bottom of this post is a link to the Chick Publications website where you can browse through the comic book. Here is what the website says about this surprising and sometimes shocking history of the corruption Satan has caused to God's holy Word.

"For thousands of years, Satan has tried to discredit God's Word. Bible schools are now teaching that the Bible does not contain God's word.

When the Crusaders help a former Bible student whose life had been shattered by this lie, they take him to meet a man who will introduce him to Bible History 101.
See the struggle through the ages to keep God's Word pure, and learn which Bible can be trusted...and why!"

Encouragement for Christian Women: How Satan Has Corrupted God's Holy Word

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