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Detailed Analysis on Southwest Airlines Flight Change

May 24, 2023

Southwest Airlines has four fare types. Business Select and Anytime tickets are refundable. While, the Wanna Get Away and Wanna Get Away plus are non-refundable. All these are applicable for a change in the flight or time for no additional fee.  Evenmore, the Southwest Flight change policy allows the changes even after the check-in. 

Only restriction is that the change must be 10 minutes prior to the departure or take off time. Yet, there are a few exceptions that are not allowed to make changes or have other limitations. 

The minor tickets are not applicable for a flight change. However, the ticket can be canceled for free and rebooked for the available flight. 

Southwest Airlines Change Flight Policy 

Southwest Airlines enables passengers to change or cancel their ticket free of cost. There is no additional fee charged. However, the fare difference shall be payable. All changes must be made 10 minutes prior to the scheduled departure.  There are more detailed provisions for the Southwest Flight Change. 

Plan changes are beyond control and Southwest airlines completely understands your situation. Hence, it allows free changes to all its fare types with conditions applied. Delayed changes after the departure do not qualify for the free policy. That is why it is essential to take the action on time to avoid the extra expenses. Review all the terms and conditions related to change Southwest flight. 

Southwest Airlines Change Flight Policy for Involuntary Conditions 

Southwest flight change policy allows passengers to make changes in their reservations if the bookings were canceled by the airline. The involuntary cancellations are not the passenger’s fault and are offered with an alternative flight. However, to match your schedule requirements, it offers the right to its passengers to book a new flight anytime between the 14 days, since the day of booking purchased and confirmed. Such booking changes are also allowed via the online website. You shall receive notification about the delayed or canceled flight by a text or phone call.


The Southwest airlines change flight policy is very flexible and allows its all travel class passengers to renew the date or the time up to 10 minutes before the departure. Even if it's non refundable, you are allowed to make Southwest flight changes for free. No show passengers applying for a change are not allowed for free. Also, it is essential that all flight changes must be made before the defined time limit to enjoy the benefit of no additional fee policy.

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