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Hey 👋 I just created a page here for my podcast. You can now buy me a coffee!

In this podcast, I speak with unconventional individuals and the risk-takers who took the roads less travelled. Here I discover the why and the how of their journeys, attempt to see the world through their lenses, and deep dive into how they navigate their careers and lives on their own terms.

If you have ever felt nervous, jaded or are currently languishing at your career or life, this podcast is for you.

I'm your host, John Lim. Currently based in Singapore, I’m a husband, father and a curious business and tech enthusiast.

Bulk of my career so far has been centered around business development, technology, entrepreneurship and startups. I have made rather huge career switches across diverse and unfamiliar industries.

Looking back now, I think I have had quite an incredible ride. But it was definitely not a smooth sailing journey all the way and it is definitely not without making huge decisions and compromises.

Because of these experiences, I have had friends and acquaintances coming to me asking for perspectives on entrepreneurship, startups and making career moves and switches. And it turns out I enjoy sharing my experiences and the lessons learnt. A big reason is that I can totally relate to how it feels when you’re at the crossroads of your career and life.

However, I wished I had more perspectives and people I could learn from and relate to when I was at these crossroads myself.

Hence I started this podcast to make this a resource and sounding board I wished I had. I want to let you who are or could be in similar shoes to:

#1 know that you are not alone

#2 gain some actionable insights and perspectives

#3 be inspired to take action for your next steps

I can’t guarantee you immediate solutions for whatever you're facing or feeling right now but I promise you’ll gain nuggets of wisdom and perspectives in every episode - to start making your career and living on your own terms.

I sincerely hope you enjoy these conversations.

The 'coffees' you buy me will help offset the running costs of producing, maintaining and marketing the podcast. Your support will refuel and help me produce more high-quality content for my audience, YOU. I thank you very much in advance! :)