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About Me

I  have been a deal hunter for over 15 years.  Here you will find several of my referral links, which will get you bonuses/cashback/savings for popular stock, bank, finance, auto, transportation, gaming, credit card, cash back, food, drink, job, shopping sites and more!  I would greatly appreciate if you use my referral links when shopping or signing up for a service.

I will also be posting the best deals I find as I come across them.  Many of these deals are time-sensitive and/or sell out/expire quickly.  Be sure follow me so you are notified of these deals as soon as they're posted!

About My Referrals

There's a lot of stigma surrounding referrals. Many people consider sharing referrals as spamming/scamming. And, I'm very aware of the trickery of some - being elusive, misleading and outright lying/scamming has worsened the stigma.

You will not find that in any of my posts.  I hope that as you read and follow my posts, you will find them (and me) to be trustworthy, and you will find me as someone you can depend on to always be forthcoming with you.

Wait, There's More

I am an optimist, always trying to look at the glass as "half-full", or else wondering, "what can I do to fill this glass?"  I post daily motivational messages, courtesy of the "YOU are a BADASS" daily desktop calendar I purchase each year - by author Jen Sincero -  and I will be adding more content as we go. 


Join me on my journey as I find and share the best referrals, deals and more.  Please like, follow and support along the way, and let me know if you have your own page so I can do the same!