Below are 18 featured signup bonuses for popular cashback portals. I've included current signup bonus amounts and terms.

Featured Cashback Portal Signup Bonuses

Cashback portals are a great way to get money back from an online purchase you'd already be making anyway. I highly recommend joining all of the cashback portals below. Why? Because, depending on which retailer you decide to make a purchase from, one cashback portal may have a higher cashback rate than the others today, and a different cashback portal's rate may be higher tomorrow. I often use these two sites to ensure I'm always getting the best cash-back rates whenever I make an online purchase:

Alternatively, you can do a qwant/google/bing search for "[store] cashback" (ie, "Petco cashback") to ensure you're choosing the cashback site with the highest cashback rate.

Cashback Portals

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