I'm often seeing posts asking for instant apps. While I've had an instant category in my primary lists for some time - current list here - I thought, why not make a blog post devoted to instant apps?!? Please check out my featured instant - and/or near-instant - apps. And if you have any of your own that you don't see in the list, please email me and let me know... maybe there could be an r4r trade in our future!


  • BrandClub - Now available on iOS AND Android! Use my referral link - https://bit.ly/BrandClub - and sign up for free. $10 signup and $10 referral bonuses. Only requires name/email/phone to sign up. Earn money as you sign up for brand mailing lists, link your Amazon/Chewy/Target/Walmart accounts, complete surveys and more. The signup bonus reflects in your account instantly. Withdraws to PayPal in 1-2 days. More info about BrandClub here.

  • Cash App https://cash.app/app/NDXTLPJ - Get an INSTANT $5 bonus when you sign up for Cash App using my referral link and enter referral code NDXTLPJ in the app once you've downloaded the app and signed up. Once your account is set up, you'll need to pay somebody $5 and you'll instantly get a $5 bonus.

  • Ibotta - https://ibotta.onelink.me/iUfE/8cc13c64?friend_code=ugqlqeg - Get $10 when you sign up using my referral link or enter code ugqlqeg at registration, and scan your first qualifying receipt. $10 referral bonuses as well, and you can withdraw at $20.

  • Oxygen https://oxygenbank.onelink.me/vjPj/kw3dd4t9 - Get $5 when you sign up. Bonus is near-instant, takes an hour or less for most (but can take up to 5-10 days). You MUST click link and sign up from your phone. If you do any of this from your laptop/pc, the referral won't track and bonuses won't be awarded. They also offer a $100 bonus if you meet their direct deposit and spend requirement (more info below in the "direct deposits" section).
    Also note that Oxygen sets a 30-day expiration on the referral links. This link is brand new as of 7/30/22. If it's nearing or past the 30-day mark when you read this, please email me at [email protected] for a new link. Because while the old link will appear to work, you won't get your bonus if the link is older than 30 days.

    Warning: Oxygen has a reputation of closing people's accounts without notice and without cause and, in turn, locking up people's funds. While I'm including Oxygen in this list, I'm only doing so due to it being one of the easiest signup bonuses to earn. I recommend that, especially if you plan to refer Oxygen, you frequently withdraw your bonuses so you don't lose it if/when they close your account.

  • Pogo https://pogocash.app.link/V79W9L - Sign up through my link or use my code V79W9L to get 250 bonus points. 250 points for referrals as well.

  • Privacy - https://privacy.com/join/H3S9S - $5 towards your first purchase when you sign up using my referral link (Privacy lets you generate smart, virtual debit cards to use online) and make your first purchase, anywhere, using their virtual card. I highly recommend this free app!

  • Step - https://step.com/r/GACTR - Get an instant $1 when you sign up with my link.  $1 referral bonuses, as well. Use Step to send and spend money. Offers adult and teen accounts.

  • Streetbeat - https://streetbeat.com/referral?code=EGFRHYNY - code EGFRHYNY - Get up to $3,000 to invest in Stocks, Crypto and DeFi + up to $3,000 for every friend you refer! Bonuses reflect instantly in your account. ID and SSN are required.

  • Strike - https://invite.strike.me/K4QF1N - referral code: K4QF1N - INSTANT $10 signup bonus once your account has been approved, INSTANT $10 referral bonuses! No deposit required. This payment app is a no-brainer since it's ridiculously easy to sign up for. No deposit required!

* All of these apps' bonuses reflect in your account instantly, or near-instantly (for most). Not all apps withdraw to bank instantly.

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