When you sign up for Revolut using my referral link - https://revolut.com/referral/johnhgiq3!AUG2AGG - and complete the quick/easy requirements listed below, we'll both get $40 instantly! On top of this, you'll get a free MasterCard and the ability to create virtual credit cards (great for privacy concerns, signing up for trials, etc.). This offer is valid now through 9/14/21.

You must complete all these steps by 9/14/21; if you don't, you will forfeit the signup bonus.


1) Download the Revolut app using my link - https://revolut.com/referral/johnhgiq3!AUG2AGG - and sign up

2) Provide the info they ask for (take a selfie, etc.)

3) Order a free physical Revolut card (MasterCard).

4) Add $20 to your Revolut wallet by connecting your bank or with a debit card transfer (that money remains yours)

5) Make three $5 transactions with your virtual Revolut card (You can easily fulfill this requirement by purchasing three $5 Amazon gift cards. You can also attach your Revolut virtual card to PayPal and send/receive $5 three times).

Once you've completed these steps, you'll get the $40 instantly to your Revolut account.

Revolut is a banking app and payment card positioned as an alternative to traditional banking products. It is designed to fit the lives of those with a global lifestyle and anyone who wants the flexibility that you cannot get from regular banks. Revolut offers global spending and international money transfers without any hidden fees.

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