Solo App - $10 signup bonus and $15 referral bonuses when you signup using my link.

I can't recommend this app highly enough... in the past few months, I've earned over $3,000 from Solo... $40 this week, alone (and you can, too)!

Solo is a FREE app that lets us link all our delivery/gig job apps and track wages, mileage, expenses, taxes and more in one place. They also have tools to help us figure out which jobs/shifts are the most profitable, and on which days/times of the week. And, they offer guaranteed pay if you opt in. Solo pays you the difference if they ever tell you you'll make a certain amount and you make less than they guaranteed.

💸 How to trigger the bonus:

Create an account using my link and connect one of the following apps that you currently work with or have worked in the past: Amazon Flex, Cornershop, Dolly, Doordash, Favor, GoPuff, Grubhub, Instacart, Lyft, Roadie, Shipt, Spark, TaskRabbit, or Uber.

You MUST have worked at least one trip/delivery on the connected apps in order to qualify.

Solo pays via Venmo or PayPal every Tuesday for referrals made during the previous week (Mon-Sun).

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