Power is a complete anti-intellectual component of life. Every individual will somehow be situated in a phase of life where conscientiously have to choose between becoming powerful or knowledgeable. I am so convinced that no one will astonish the number of people who chose power over knowledge. From power bred various versions of authoritative figures.

Authoritative figures invariably covet more recognition and consistently search for ways to reinforce their status. Those who crave power are deliberately being anti-intellectual, discourage critical thinking. Being knowledgeable and sensible is to be reasonable with logic, sceptic and question every possible doubtful behaviour of an authoritative figure. The often conspicuous pattern of their game habitually leverages the existing common beliefs of their spectators or listeners. For instance, most politicians as authoritative figures on the high tables, leveraging religion to push their manifesto and agenda. Reanimation of their version of reality is what is usually done, they made their points but the facts say otherwise. Their version of reality is reanimated for manipulating whatever information available at that time, somehow far-fetched.

The danger of this bias is followed by intense arrogance, pure ignorance and fabrication of the fact in the way they seem pleased. Manipulation is the ultimate symbol of every power-hunger individual. They often assert ridiculous beliefs to their audiences and expect nothing but submission.

It is no surprise that most politicians utterly speaks nothing but vanity as intelligence is not required in order to be in power. How worst can our world be in forthcoming years governed by authority biased men?