Buy John Murch a coffee


John Murch is a developer, marketer and entrepreneur living in Pittsburgh, PA (Da Burgh).

I love building ideas into products.

Most products I produce are web apps, although I have built a few physical products for sale.

Much of my development lately has been with Node.js. 

Also a bit of python for some Machine Learning/OpenCV work.

A cup of coffee might not sound like a lot, but your support  helps give direction of which ideas to focus on, so please buy me a cup (just $1) and send me a little message. 

One more thing...

I am launching a new course on Google Puppeteer.

If you are looking to create bots or learn how to scrape content, then this might be a fit for you. I am offering 10% the final course for anyone who signs up and buys me a coffee (again, just $1).

The course will be offered in 3 price points: $27, $97, $497.