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Dec 09, 2022

Hello Readers, check out the variety of webinars, especially Khe's 2022 Annual Review Workshop. Enjoy the rest of the content I have curated this past week for your weekend reads. Oh, by the way, please fill out this survey. I need to know how I am doing with the newsletter. See ya next Friday!

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#Webinars to check out next week


Here are some of the places I went to in the 80s. What a great time to grow up. So fun. I won’t forget you!

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My #Foodie Adventures

A couple of months ago, I went to this Florida Citrus Tower (located west of Orlando). Check out my review of this breathtaking place!

Pic courtesy of Florida Citrus Tower

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Something #miscellaneous you may get a kick out of that involves:

#Florida Events

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