My Useful Corona Virus links (part 1)

My Useful Corona Virus links (part 1)

Mar 17, 2020

Reading up on the Corona Virus (proper name Covid-19) I found myself trawling around the same links. Some of which are good for a daily view, others update often enough to keep open and refresh and others I found useful when a question pops into my head.

As I'm in London, England my reading is pretty UK centric and being of Irish origin I check on what's happening for my rellies there too. Plus it's hard to ignore how the US is dealing with the situation. Especially when you have an infant child in an adult body in charge!

So I created this link of the most useful links I use and return to...

It doesn't include jokes, spoofs or conspiracy theories as I don't think they are relevant right now as this is a actual proper serious matter. I hope you find them equally useful. :)

As I write this my links include


Wikipedia - Coronavirus disease 2019

BBC - Corona Explainers

The Guardian (newspaper) - Corona Virus live

Medium - Corona Virus Topic

Washington Post - 'Flatten the curve' feature

YouTube - 'Corona Virus' Filter

The Irish Times - Corona Virus

Independent Newspaper Ireland

New York Times Updates - Corona Virus

Reuters - Health

Taking something seriously isn’t the same as panicking. It’s time to stop mocking coronavirus

worldometers - Corona Virus in numbers

Wikipedia - 'Spanish Flu' (History of) (1918)

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