Prayer for a Pandemic

The last day of the second year

Friday of a week of grayness

Now and then a bit of sun 

For a moment, like a new creation.

Ahead a new year arrives now

Within the third year of sickness

Now and then a bit of hope

For a moment, Your voice echoes again.

My prayer, for new pandemics

Unrestrained growth and spread of these

Now and always unrestrained bits

Continuously new heavens and earth.

Revelation twenty-one day

Light life completion pouring forth

Startling truth God with us now

And semper without end we pray to you

Pour newness into our world Lord

Bond us to one another Lord

Heal ills of body and soul

See You make all things new, only You God.

Numberless variants of love

Uncounted ways of connection to

You create again new worlds

In our souls and our neighborhoods You walk

Our hope is in one another for

We find each other in finding

You who reveal again the

Beauty of all created things, the blessing

Beyond the viral, far beyond

Comes newness of wings of worship

Our faces shine, not with fever

In reflection of your own healing eyes.

  • New Year’s Eve ‘21

[Photo by Warren Wong on Unsplash]