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Hi, I'm John Robson and I wear a number of different hats. 

I'm the Executive Director of the Climate Discussion Nexus, a documentary film-maker, a columnist with the National Post, the Epoch Times and Loonie Politics, and a professor at Augustine College. I hold a Ph.D in American history from the University of Texas at Austin.

I have been examining the climate change issue for many years, including both the science and the policy debates. Which is why I help found the Climate Discussion Nexus.

It offers a forum for more open debate on all aspects of climate change, especially better use of scientific information in public discussion and policy formation. By passing the hat we raised sufficient seed money to launch operations we will sustain through crowdfunding.

I welcome support and participation from anyone interested in helping us achieve our goals. Please subscribe to our newsletter and YouTube channel, and consider becoming a regular monthly supporter to assist us in producing content relevant to better policy through better understanding.