John Spears, Jr’s Wishlist
Rode Rodecaster Pro II Audio Production Studio

I would love to get this because it would allow me to add more microphones and have guests when recording my podcast. It would also help to improve the sound of my podcast. I'd eliminate extreme background noise as well!

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Behringer UMC202HD

I would love these because it will allow me to allow another microphone input for podcast guest! It would also improve the sound quality of my microphones for quality podcast sound!

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Template Monster Lifetime Membership

I would love to get this because it will help me offer more variety of templates for my freelance web design agency. Since I am one man team this will make more me efficient with options to choose from and also allow me to offer services for multiple platforms. Your support means everything to me and any amount that helps me reach my goal is appreciated!MonsterOne URL:

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New iPad Pro

I would love this because I create content and do most of my editing on a smart device. I love using apps like LumaFusion to edit videos and push to YouTube. The iPad will allow me to be portable and not have to carry a lot of gear. 

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