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It has been a while since JoinCaptchaBot was born (2018), it was one of the first Telegram Captcha Bots that stands up to fight against the increasing and annoying Telegram userbots that constantly joins into groups to publish Spam or silently reads and export all group users messages and data for unknown purpouses.

Unlike other Bots, I keep a free software filosophy and license it to be GNU-GPLv3, and also, I host, mantain and offer an instance of the Bot free to be used by anyone in their groups, the @join_captcha_bot.

I never advertised about the Bot or it existence, I just start using it in the groups where I'm in, and it was expanding from there only by other users that like it and add/recommend it into their groups :)

I'm glad to see how much its use has grown since its launch, however, its usage in large groups where a lot of users/userbots joins constantly start affecting the Bot functionality and causing overload to everyone (Bot delays to response), so I have to limit it usage to only be used in groups with less than 1000 members to keep it working ok.

Now, when @join_captcha_bot detects a new join in a group with more than 1000 members, it will leave the group and shows a text indicating that the free usage limit in that group has been reached.

For those that have the Bot in groups with more than 1000 members, I provide another (in this case private) Bot instance, @pro_join_captcha_bot, that can be used without limits/restrictions in a group if you make a donation.

Also, remember that Bot is free software and open-source, so you can always deploy, host and maintain your own Bot instance from source code without limitations.

Usage in large groups

Following are the instructions on how you can donate to be allowed to use @pro_join_captcha_bot in a group.


  • I'm not offering @pro_join_captcha_bot as a service, I'm just accepting donations for my work, and I let you use the Bot in a specific groups in compensation, nothing more. It is provided "as is", without warranty of any kind, don't expect full support 24h or anything else.

  • Due it is not a service, if the Bot stops being profitable, I can stop offering @pro_join_captcha_bot and close it at some point in the future, so don't expect that the Bot will exists forever, and notice this before making a big donation for years of functionality, it is better to do multiple donations for few months (i.e. 3 or 6 months). The donation will not be refunded if the Bot closes, so if you want to make a donation for several years of operation, you will do so at your own risk.

  • The donations are accepted through buymeacoffee platform and without any kind of subscription process, it stays in the simplest way, you just make a donation for one or more "coffees" providing the chat ID of the group where you want to use @pro_join_captcha_bot. According to the number of coffees, it can be use during that number of months (i.e. 1 coffee == 1 month of usage, 6 coffees == 6 months of usage).

  • A "month" of usage means 30 days after the donation is received and the Bot is allowed to be used in the group, so you don't need to wait for the incoming month to make the donation or use the Bot (i.e. you make the donation and it is validated at 20/01/2021, so the Bot can be used in that Group until 20/02/2021).

  • The donation can be done by anyone, it doesn't need to come from an Admin of the group, if a member of the group wants to donate, it is free to do it.

  • Due subscription is not needed to donate, different members of a group can donate. This allows to one member pay for a month/s, and any other member/s pay for more month/s. Multiples donations to same Group (Chat ID) will increase the number of months that the Bot can be used.

  • If a donation is received without specifying any Telegram Group Chat ID, I will consider that it is just a free donation without expecting the use of @pro_join_captcha_bot in any group.

  • Once a donation is received, it needs some time (hours or a day) to be processed and set @pro_join_captcha_bot to allow it usage in that group. I will response to your donation message to notify when the Bot is ready to be used.


1 - In order to use @pro_join_captcha_bot in a group, you need to know the telegram "Chat ID" of the Group. You can get it by adding @pro_join_captcha_bot to the group, it will notify that is not allowed to be used in that Group and leave it, but it also tells what the Chat ID of that group is:

2 - Go to buymeacoffe platform:

3 - Make the donation for 1 or more coffees specifying the Chat ID of the group that you want to use the Bot:

4 - Wait until donation is validated, you will receive an email response notifying that the Bot is ready to be used in the Group (it can take few hours or a day). Also, you can login into buymeacoffee with the email that you provided to make the donation and check the response message in "My Activity" page:

5 - That's all! Now you can add @pro_join_captcha_bot to the Group and enjoy it for the next 30 days.