After I returned home from London, work was super busy and stressful for me. My program was being audited and I spent most of my days updating and prepping my file, which unfortunately was chosen, for the audit.

It was hectic. And I still had to do my visits with my clients, which meant driving out to Philly daily. I was very stressed out and exhausted. I needed a little weekend getaway from work and Pennsylvania in general.

I figured I’d go to Florida. I decided on Florida for a few reasons. The weather is warm and sunny, I wanted to visit the theme parks, and visit my friend who moved there a year ago. She agreed to let me stay in her apartment for the weekend and we’d go to the parks together. It was going to be sweet.

My round trip tickets from Philly to Orlando were $98 through Spirit. I found them on Skyscanner, which is my go to place for cheap flights. I took a Friday off of work and planned to return on a Sunday. It was going to be a short but fun weekend.

The weekend getaway consisted of lovely dinners with my best friend, catching up with one another, visiting Epcot after a failed attempt to go to Universal Studios, and an evening visit to Disney Springs.

We had a great time together! Even though there were some unexpected surprises, we made the day work and didn’t waste any time when we knew we had limited time with each other.