If you’ve read my blog post, or watched my YouTube video, on my travel plans for 2022, then you’ll know that London is on my list of places to travel to this year.

Since the requirements for entry (during COVID) aren’t too strenuous and borders for England are still open to Americans, I’m making it my first trip of the year!

I’ve already requested PTO for my trip in March and it was approved! Now, I have to buy the plane tickets at some point before March.

What’s stopping me from purchasing now are my friends. Last year, when they asked where I wanted to travel to, I told them London because it’s a belated gift to myself for completing my masters degree. Plus, I want to revisit the place I studied abroad in and met my friends.

I intended on traveling by myself but told my friends that if they wanted to join me they could. Now, after I’ve traveled solo for a few trips now, I would really like to visit London solo instead of with friends.

But since I opened that door for them, I feel like it’s a bit too late to back out.

My one friend who I invited said she can’t do it because she won’t have the money in time. But my other friend seems like she wants to go, and has PTO for the trip, but may or may not use it because of work related issues.

I’m trying to wait patiently for her response. But I’m getting very antsy and want to purchase the tickets now while they’re still cheap.

In the meantime, I’m doing all the research! Not only for places I want to visit and accommodation, but for entry requirements and Covid testing as well.