Podcast recommendation: One Year: 1986

Aug 28, 2022

Slate's podcast One Year is on its third season and it's sublime as ever. Yesterday I listened to episode 2 of series 3, which takes a look at the Challenger disaster in 1986. Back then I was a child, and one of many children and adults watching the launch live on TV... the images stuck.

This particular podcast episode doesn't just go over old ground in merely re-telling what happened on the day, but goes into the story behind it involving the ten school teachers selected to undergo the training and testing programme that would see one of them selected to go off into space.

Evan Chung and the team behind this episode didn't just do a thorough job of unearthing the story, they managed to do so in a truly dignified, human way that speaks to me, something that's a consistent strength of all series of One Year.

You can listen to the podcast on all known podcast/streaming platforms/apps and on

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