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Hello and welcome to Jonny Music's BMC (Buy Me A Coffee) Page! :D

"Who are you?"

Have you ever wondered how your favourite music in Pop Culture (whether it be from TV Shows, Movies, Video Games, etc.) would sound like on a pipe organ?

Organists and musicians: have you ever wondered how and where to find pipe organ sheet music arrangements of your favourite music from Pop Culture that you love so much?

My name is Jonathan "Jonny" Selimovic (better known as "Jonny Music").

I am a Music Arranger and Organist with 20+ years of music education and experience. I have loved Pipe Organ Music ever since I was but a toddler and grew up still loving it today.

Thus, creating Organ Sheet Music Arrangements has been a huge passion of mine that I want to share with the rest of the world.

Because of this, it has become my life-long mission to produce and grow the World's Largest Pipe Organ Arrangements Library/Collection (currently at 600+ produced and counting).

Even more so for organists around the world who are looking for more different pieces to practice and perform on the severely under-rated, yet extremely versatile King of Instruments (Organ).

Whether you are a music listener and/or a fellow organist, I really want to use my musical talents, skills and knowledge for the benefit of every single one of you. Dreamers and consumers who always wonder how your favourite tunes would sound like on the grandeur wonder - the Pipe Organ.

To check out my library of organ arrangements work, they will be found in a link down below.

"How will this work?"

With your free-will support whether by buying me as many coffees as you want or on a monthly/yearly membership, not only will help me personally, but your support will also help a lot with keeping me very focused on creating many more organ sheet music arrangements to come. In return, if you go for the monthly/yearly membership, you will receive perks for a certain monthly contribution (depending on the amount you choose to support monthly/yearly, of course).

Please bear in mind that since creating these arrangements will take time to work on (difficulty of the songs vary), the Moderate to Ultimate Levels have limited spots if you want your song arranging requests to be fulfilled sooner, rather than at random.

If you really enjoy my arrangement work and video content as much as I enjoy creating them, then click on the Support or Join button today.

Thank you for reading and deciding to buy me a coffee or becoming a member. :)

Organ Arrangements Library:

Disclaimer: Jonny Music is a division of JonnySel Productions