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Update 10/19

Hi Everybody!Thank you all so very much for your help! I was waiting for my stimulus check so I could make Thank You stickers but today I found out I need to leave the home where I’ve been... more

12 October

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OMG you guys! I will thank all of you individually as soon as I catch my breath!

12 June

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I have a CONSIGNMENT ORDER!!! I need to buy sterling silver earring wites and, as always, beads!! I am happy to send a Shooting Star to anyone who donates 7 or more coffees, just let me know.  I... more

16 October

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So Very Grateful for Your Support. I am HAPPY to send you a print in thanks. Please let me give something back! Do you see a drawing? I posted it twice. 

10 October

Good Omens Angel & Demon earrings! I would be happy to send you a pair for your donation of four coffees! (©️Jo Adell, 2019) I am so grateful for this opportunity! Thank you all ........... ... more

15 June

My favorite author of all time was Sir Terry Pratchett, creator of the Discworld and co-creator, with Neil Gaiman, of the great Good Omens. There have been Discworld cons for several years, always in... more

11 June