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#ChangeCatalyst #IgniteYourIdentity Charmingly Awkward Soul and Substance, I am the Girl Next Door with a Splash of Ginger Spice, with Big Goals, Big Dreams, and a Big Heart.



Challenging Myself and Anyone Else Brave Enough to Ignite their Authenticity. In a World,Where Face to Face Conversation is a Lost Art Form, Lets Create Meaningful Connections, and Live Fully with Intention, to Live Up to What We Were Called to Be. 

Are You Ready to Live Your Optimal Life,  and Choose Ultimate Health and Well-Being of the Mind Body and Soul ?

Are You Ready to Embrace WHO YOU ARE, let go of the labels, the stigmas, the past, and anything else that has defined YOU ?

Are You Looking to find Like Minded People to go on this Journey With ?

Keagan in Celtic Means " Little Fire ", and I am Called to Ignite Your Authenticity.