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Hey there 👋

I'll keep it short: I love indie development and hacking on the latest APIs for iOS. My first indie app, Spend Stack, was acquired in December 2020. Now, I want to write more over indie topics snd share what I've learned like:

🤔 How do I get press?

🚢 When should you ship?

😅 Is my MVP good enough?

Of course, there's more to just indie life than that - there's the actual code. Diving into the latest API changes on iOS, macOS, tvOS, watchOS and iPadOS gets my juices flowing, and I love to write all about it. 

Finally, I make my own apps - with my follow up to Spend Stack coming in 2021. Like before, I plan on transparently sharing absolutely everything along the way. If those things sound great and you want to see more of it - feel free to fuel me up with a coffee!

Thanks for being my friend 😊