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Mar 02, 2023

Hello and Goodbye Forever

Feb 07, 2023

twenty-one pilots reference

I'm tiredof tending to this firewash you out with waterwhen neon gravestones try to callI find a way to block it, I go la la labe the light oh, Halazia,that green light, I want it,just like the seed, I don't know where to goplease carry me, carry me hometo the top of the cityscream if your with melet it all out nowit's midnight at christmaswe rising up nowso catch me in the airholy 'til you let me gowe're going to go where everybody knows***This is a poem made of lyrics... more

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Jan 05, 2023

To All the Liquid People (A Roast Poem)

Jul 30, 2022

A new Song?

--Lyrics--Follow me to theHollow in theWood where we couldTalk until dawnRun unto theSun inside ourGalaxy whereWe could be freeChase me to thePlace under theSea, I everask you to beTrue[chorus]Take me to the wilds, ourPicnic place on Pluto, theMushrooms in the meadow.A murderous mazeOr buttercup brunch,Give, take,You hunt, I’ll bakeLet’s dineOn sunbeams and starlightFor tonight.[verse 2]...(I have not actually worked out the 2nd verse yet...Coming soon,... more

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Jun 23, 2022

Where the Sky Meets the Sea Behind the Scenes

Feb 25, 2022

Chapter 28 (definition of desire) part 4

(Author note: this is an excerpt of a story available in full on Wattpad! Find me @jordynsaelor there!)I avoid the other living people in this town, scurrying like rodents. That means I walk closest to the giant fire, because the other living people avoid the fire like the plague. That means I don’t find anything that isn’t charred or smashed or stepped on.I find traces of the invasion everywhere Skeleton Cook and I walk. Sword slashes bitten into wood. Stray fabric caught on wood... more

Religious symbolism and my art
Chapter 26 (moments) Part 1
Chapter 26 (moments) Part 2
Chapter 27 (purposeless) Part 1
Chapter 27 (purposeless) Part 2
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