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Hey 👋

I'm Joeylene a.k.a. jorenrui. I'm a full stack developer based in Manila, Philippines 🇵🇭 Uses code to solve problems. Loves simplicity, focusing on the essentials. Specializes in code but also interested in a lot of different things.

Mainly, I'm focused on redesigning and rewriting Sutle.

As of now, I'm also focused on building:

- Sutle - a platform for saving and organizing online resources into a directed learning path.

- Norui - houses Notion API powered template sites I made.

- Dayly - a private journal.

You can also checkout my other mini projects: Minorui, SPCCWeb, Piano Lesson Helper, Apex Legends Site and MTG Companion.

Donation will help me to keep on working on projects. 😊