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The Where To Now Adventures website started in 2021 as a passion project to share my travel experiences, tell my travel stories, and to explore the world of travel blogging.  I also wanted to help others plan their trips by providing useful recommendations, tips, and lessons learned from my exploration.

New Podcast launched!

While I am pleased with how the website is growing, I always felt like Where To Now Adventures needed a podcast to compliment it.  I’ve met some great people while traveling with some fascinating stories to tell and I wanted to interview them all, lol.  So, the idea was born and I have now launched the podcast.

With this new venture comes new costs and I would love some support to help offset some of the hard expenses I incur.  And this is where ‘Buy me a Coffee” comes in.

'Buy me a Coffee' is a simple way to send some good vibes my way if you are enjoying what I’m doing and would like me to keep at it.  If you enjoy my posts (or future podcast episodes), learned some useful tips, or just got a good laugh and want to support my site, you can buy me a beer (or two 😊). Your support is very much appreciated.


Here's to hitting as many travel goals on your bucket list as possible.  Cheers!