Divination is a very personal thing, mostly for the querent but also for the reader as well. Consent is key. I never do divination for anyone unless there is consent, with the querent playing an active role in the process—even if that role amounts to asking the question and then moving from there. It is all about respecting boundaries, and respecting the spirits one works with. The same also applies to the querent.

That having been said, for those of you who have the subscription option to receive a monthly 1-pull divination from me, it is important for me to communicate that these are not automatic, that I will not simply pull on your behalf without you being aware of such. Please do get in touch with me, and communicate with me that you would like to receive your monthly 1-pull divination. Ask your question, or we can just leave it general, as you like. Also, chances are unless I have you listed or scheduled, I probably won’t remember everyone who needs one to follow up. I strongly encourage folk to keep in touch with me.

This process allows me to keep close in touch with folk, and to get to know those who walk with me and support me (that I may in turn do the same some day). It also centers and focuses the querent and attendant question in my mind. I am able to devote more time to addressing you, which may not otherwise be possible in a wholly online forum.

I thank you all for walking with me on this path, and look forward to working with you in the future.