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I am a military veteran who is also a classically trained creative with a bachelors and masters in the arts. I have been referred to by some of my friends and family as a modern-day Renaissance man.
That is because I have always enjoyed academic pursuits and trying my hand at many different disciplines and projects in life.
I am an entrepreneur who has had a taste of success and failure. I'm a creative who believes that what society and business need are more people with liberal arts degrees mingled amid the MBAs. Even Mark Cuban thinks so.

I enjoy learning about whatever strikes my curiosity. I am on a lifelong journey to grow and improve myself, even as I mess up from time to time. I started this podcast at the behest of a few friends that said a had a great voice for it. Despite my nervousness in doing it, as I am a rather private person, I decided that if I wanted to grow then I had to, on occasion, be willing to get out of my comfort zone here and there.

I'm so glad I did! I never would have thought that so many people, from so many places around the globe, and of so many age ranges would like what I had to say and keep tuning in. I feel even more blessed in that it seems I have found a community of people who love to learn, create, improve, and connect, with kindness and respect in their minds and hearts!

Who knows what the future has in store, but I am hopeful to be at least a small part of making it a bit brighter and kinder for all of us, no matter our differences.