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My name is José Simões. I was born in 1973. I'm a husband and father of two sons. I live and work at Leiria, Portugal.

I'm a passionate developer that contributes heavily to several Open Source projects, CEO at Eclo Solutions, founder of nanoFramework, husband and father of two sons.

Currently I'm CEO at Eclo Solutions, a company that I've created in 2003 along with three colleagues.

I'm founder of .NET nanoFramework, an Open Source project that allows programming in C# for micro-controllers.

I work mostly with Microsoft technologies, .Net Framework, C#, SQL, Azure. I also program in C and C++ when I need to get near the metal.

I'm a curious type of person and I enjoy very much learning new stuff. I'm fascinated with everything related with science, space, sea, ships and submarines. I love reading, cooking, doing things and hanging around with interesting people. I'm very passionate and devoted to my job and my projects. I tend to be perfectionist and I'm very demanding of myself and the people I work with.

José Simões

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