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Josh Borg is a Toronto-based creative director, cinematographer, photographer, and entrepreneur. Throughout his early career, he has always been fascinated with accelerated methodologies, technological advancements, and blockchain-based decentralized computing. Prior to becoming a full-time filmmaker, Josh operated a business developing custom workstation computers for high-performance computing and later went on to hold the 2015 world record for HWBot overclocking. 

Becoming fascinated with the world of cinematography, new and exciting opportunities began to unfold, and he quickly realized that his hobby had become his livelihood. Josh now works with some of the world's most talented industry leaders while also running his production company, Full Frame Productions. 

Driven by determination and gratitude, Josh draws much of his photography inspiration from dynamic weather systems and low-light atmospheric halations. With the propensity to pick up the camera and capture the world at a moment's notice, his passion for creating propels his perspective and represents something much grander as he continues to seek the extraordinary in the ordinary.