Buy JO Welch a coffee


I have an amazing opportunity to be one of the 50 authors in  BOSS LATINA ANTHOLOGY (BLA) to be released in July! I am excited to have this opportunity and there are fees involved. This is my birthday wish!

This is my 2022 dream- to be a published author. 

As a 1st generation Latina, I did not believe anyone would want to hear/know my story. I spent years believing that I did not have something worth saying.

This is #mytime. 

I cannot do it without support. I need you. 

Your support will...

-increase the number of Latine/x stories in the world.

-secure my story is told!

-support 2 solo entrepreneurs, the publisher is a single mom creating her empire!

How to support- Give what you can- 

A cup of coffee means that literally 5 bucks. (Starbucks equivalent )or $ (Manhattan on the rocks) or whatever you can do will help. 

It also is in line with our community values where every contribution counts. Today, I need yours. 

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