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This app is the only app that hasn't sold out, and it works beautifully. For the few things it missed at some point, suggestions were taken gracefully and implemented before you know it. I have a feeling the dev is a perfectionist, and it shows. A utility that simply works. You've given something great to mankind with no catches or strings.

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Patrick Kurmann
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Hi Jo YoonHyung,you are a born perfectionist. Metapho is awesome and does all where the other meta data apps failed.Big thanks. You made my life easier!A small wish: I miss the bitrate (mbps) of video. You can easily calculate by length and video size. The bitrate, as you know, is a strong indicator for quality.Best regards from Switzerland, Patrick 👍 

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So, Metapho is a hell of a app and I’d like to see it supported and maintained for the eternity (kinda threatening, I know). Here’s a coffee to help mitigate!