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Blessings to your journey and I look forward to practising with you. ♡

Transformation & Miracle

Yoga on the mat is a sacred enquiry where we shed out the protective skin and get to know who we really are and experiencing the luminous self. I offer vinyasa as well as yin yoga classes which are dedicated to create a space where we can channel energy towards transformation. This is done through dedication, meditative awareness, and integrating body, breath, movement. Vinyasa is an unhurried exploration method which was taught in the traditions of yoga master Krishnamacharya, and passed on through the traditions of Iyengar and Ashtanga. My practise is the dedicated to yoga 8 folded path, and mindfulness meditation, I bring in the respect for the mystery of life and encourage you all to practise with an open mind. If you like my teaching, please feel free to donate to keep our yoga community flourish. Best wishes, Joy