Buy Crossing Argentina on Horseback and not knowing how to ride! a scene of the film



We did it! Sort of! We survived and crossed part of Argentina Patagonia by horses. We were planning to do two thousand kilometros. We did just a quarter of that distance however we discovered a new aspect of this project. 

The main goal is still to make a featured documentary film! It is clear now that our Don Quijote and Sancho Panza approach can inspire a lot of people. Asking why? Because if we pursue our dream despite the obvious unrealistic goal, why should other people hesitate to go for their crazy dreams? Maybe I don't have the required skill! So what? We did not know, how to ride and yet have tried it! 

In this sense we have started to work with public relations. Writing articles in local news as well as in radios and podcasts. These are the first steps to affect as many people as possible. And with your help it may be worldwide! 

Plus it is really funny! Satiric and out of reality. It could be a comedy on its own.

Our team

Jozi - Jozef Kmet

The main leader of group, he is taking care about formalities and the plan of the expedition. He shares all information with the rest of the team, but all details know the best just him. For communicating with local people Jozi relies on his broken Spanish, he started to use it now already when the team is looking for opportunity to buy a horses on Argentinian websites. He is like an unguided missile, willing to go to any adventure, so it is not going to be lack of crazy experiences.
In his professional life Jozi works as video creator, founder of brand Lama VR (company creates virtual tours and 360° photos). But before also worked few years as engineer for steam turbines.

Pali - Pavol Sivy

Pali is the main entertainer of the group. His answer on the question “What is his lead role in the expedition” was: “I don’t even know why I am in the team, I don’t know Spanish, I don’t know how to ride a horse, I don’t do film shooting or planning.” But of course it’s he has also some role, with analytical thinking, good ability of solving problems and manual skills is important part of the group. Pali works as programmer and with Jozi are inseparable team for many years and adventures.

Lujzi - Lujza Mareckova

Their main director of photography. And from the team she is also the most experienced horse rider. Lujzi even has her own endurance horse, that’s why she is going to help apart from filming also with buying animals and later horse care. She studied in the UK and Czech Republic, where she finished master degree in Photography. She worked as still photographer for movies, also with famous director Juraj Jakubisko. During this expedition Lujzi will take on the camera all adventures which Jozi and Pali are going to experience.