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Coffee or Patreon

Sep 24, 2021

I had been planning to start a social media program for almost a year. Everyone suggested to have a membership platform you must use patreon. So off I went down that overwhelming rabbit hole. Then I found Blind Guy His Wife Their Life on YouTube. As we got connected they suggested Buy Me a Coffee.

The two platforms are similar but the User Interface on Patreon isn't easy for a Gen-Xer like me to master. Buy Me a Coffee makes you feel more in control of building your community by allowing you to have a support page without unlocking memberships.

My one complaint is for both sites. The discord integration is difficult for me to master. Making sure I have the integrations correct and they match with what's offer in the memberships could be easier. Perhaps, a drag and drop option from one platform to another. Currently I have to switch between apps to check for clarity.

Using Buy Me a Coffee makes me feel like a blog building genius, even if I need to be more consistent with my content. 🤭🤭 Keep Your Spirit Up.

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